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Angela Heesom 

 Role at Heesom Casting: 

Casting Director / Mother / Boss-Lady


 Would love to work with: 

Sienna Miller or Kate Winslet and would cast them in an Aussie pic any day as they have both nailed our accent like no other. And would jump at the chance of working with  Steve Buscemi, Helen Bonham Carter, and, well, Jeremy Irons yet again...Swoon. 


 Personality in 3 words: 

Passionate, upbeat, interested.


 Vice / Guilty pleasure: 

Great full bodied shiraz with overtones of chocolate, wild blueberries & pepper, in a very large red wine glass, filled 1/3 full.  Class.


 Favourite Place: 

New York. Spent one New Year with Lou & Jay. Amazing experience, take me back!


 Nerdy Obsession: 

Board Games.  I host candlelit board-game dinner parties for the rich & famous .. but only so long as they are prepared to lose. Who says I am  competitive?


 Who would you have play you, in 'The Story Of Your Life' : 

Helen Bonham Carter -  if she'd accept the role.


 Casting Highlight (film/television): 

Working with Wolf Creek Director Greg McLean . A wonderful collaborator,  inspirer of creativity/delivering your best work.


 Casting Highlight (tvc): 

Too many to mention. But my current one is the Bank SA commercial with Kate Roxby; I still laugh and giggle every time I see it on air. It never lets me down!

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