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About This Course.

This 5-day intensive workshop with Award-Winning Director Robert Marchand, Australia's leading authority on Mike Leigh’s famous process which empowers actors and directors everywhere. This will be the only appearance of this workshop in South Australia this year!


The CBI workshop is a practical investigation of techniques used by Mike Leigh; participants will be involved in the impro processes from the inside, acquiring direct, first hand knowledge by taking part in progressive character and scene building exercises. This is unique and very powerful learning for any actor or director.


Mike Leigh's process is an exciting and refreshing way to create drama, it also has benefits for actors and directors across all aspects of film-making.


For Actors, it can help in:

  • Adding depth and complexity to performances

  • Accessing spontaneity

  • Ownership of character

  • Improving communication with the Director

  • New perspective on texts

  • Assisting with preparation for auditions

  • Re-affirmation of the actor as artist


For Directors, the workshop demonstrates:

  • Finessing Performance 

  • Improve communication between actor, and also writer

  • Use a new approach to script development

  • Make use of improvisations that really deliver

  • Add detail to existing scripted material

  • Explore the unexpected

  • Control the seemingly uncontrollable in rehearsals

  • Get the most from auditions


"What this workshop does is to take the process apart & examine each stage one by one. It's my belief that just about every aspect of character-based improvisations has

value for the director & actor – whether working on a conventional film (i.e. with a script) or exploring the possibilities of a story concept. It doesn't apply exclusively to improvised work. Directors & actors take home immensely useful tools to apply to their own projects". - Robert Marchand



Mike Leigh’s films are a byword in great acting. They capture the small moments and details in characters lives while still providing compelling drama. Leigh’s career spans 40 years and includes 'Another Year', 'Happy-Go-Lucky', 'Vera Drake', 'Secrets and Lies', 'Naked' and 'Meantime' as well as an impressive body of TV plays going back to the early 70's.



Robert Marchand is a director and writer who has specialised in filmed drama with an emphasis on performance and character. His credits include 'The Potato Factory', 'Sun On The Stubble', 'Come In Spinner', 'Kangaroo Palace', 'Fields Of Fire' and most recently 'The Lost Tools of Henry Hoke'.


Robert is a graduate of AFTRS and his degree paper investigated the Mike Leigh improvisation method (working with actors over a three month period). He subsequently attended workshops conducted by Mike Leigh and teaches this method across the globe. He has now run well over 100 workshops for actors and directors, both Nationally and Internationally. Each time the workshop is adapted for the participants: no two workshops are ever the same because of the creative component of the work and the skills of the participants.   


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Course Details.

Course:                  5 day intensive


Hours:                     0900 - 1730

Next Courses:      2025 - WAITLIST OPEN NOW!     
Max Capacity:      9  x Actors       

                                5  x Directors  


Experience:           Advanced


Price:                       $660

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                                 Enrolment is by invitation only

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 Masterclass - CBI Workshop.
   ** Discover the genuis of the Mike Leigh Process **    



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