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A Tutor's Statement:

"There have been times in my career where the Actor has transported me to a place where the audition room melts away. Where the level of work has been so profound, so authentic and so arresting that I quite literally find myself forgetting how to breathe...or even call cut! And 98% of the time, these are the Actors that get cast in the role. 


That's the deal when you walk into the audition room because being "good" just isn't enough. There are too many talented Actors all vying for the same few roles and when opportunity is limited and supply is great,  "good" won't cut it. It won't seperate you from the pack. It won't land you the part and most importantly, it's not going to feed you creatively. 


My job as a Casting Director is to get the absolute best performance I can out of each Actor. My job as a teacher is to give you autonomy over your own craft and challenge you to find new levels of freedom within your work - to allow your talent to show up and not just your clever choices. 


You will be astounded at how simple changes in your preparation and technique will open the doors to a vast artistic range sitting inside of you.


​Together we'll explore how you can take your work from being generally "good" and elevate it to a new level where it will begin to intrigue, enchant, provoke, stimulate, delight, surprise and ultimately move people! You must make your audience feel! And if you can achieve that within your work you will not only start booking roles and landing more


auditions but you'll actually start working to your true artistic capacity and rediscover the joy and noble pursuit of this wonderful craft. 


WHAT DOES THIS COURSE COVER? Join me for an 8 week masterclass where we will delve into my Screen-Skills Method: Level 1.0.


Week by week we'll be looking at various film and television scripts across multiple genres. I'll teach you how to hone your craft, build upon your established technique, delve deeper into the inner world of the character, identify the trappings written into each and every script, break through your acting habits, relish in the not knowing...and that's just to start. Importantly, we will celebrate what's already strongly working within your technique and build upon it to push you well beyond your comfort zone and achieve true artistic growth. I want to introduce you to an entirely new way of working and allow you to discover just how powerful, self-sufficient and versatile you can be as an Actor."

- Lou Heesom (Casting Director)


NOTE:  This is an intense program designed specifically for those who are serious about strengthening their craft and are already working in or wish to pursue a career in the film and television industry. 


Special Note: Should you wish to enrol in this course but find it SOLD OUT, you're welcome to join our waitlist (click here). In the event a spot becomes available, we'll notify you immediately.


Lou, recently named by the media as one of the 50 most influential women in SA, runs Heesom Casting alongside her Casting Director mother Angela. The duo have more than 50 drama casting credits under their belts and 2017 sees them acquiring more.


Film credits include Australian Casting Director for Mortal Kombat 1 & 2 (Warner Bros.), International Emmy Award winning First Day (ABC), The Hunting (SBS), Aftertaste (ABC), Wolf Creek 2, Anzac Girls (ABC), Pine Gap (Netflix), The Pack, The Dustwalker, Danger 5, and the soon to be released indie feature Kangaroo Island.  She has now also cast well over a hundred TVCs yet none can surpass her casting work on SA Tourism’s ‘Barossa - Be Consumed’ TVC that took the Cannes Festival award for world's best tourism commercial.


In order to give her an added and quite unique understanding into the ​Actor’s process Lou also undertook the full-time actor training at the prestigious Howard Fine School of Acting (Melbourne) working personally with Will Smith's, Hugh Jackman's and Chris Pine's private coaches as well as completing her study at the Company of Rogues in Canada.


This training has enabled her to further her already honed casting skills into a fresh and highly specialised approach to casting, acting for the screen, and the audition process for Actors. Lou is already running these workshops across Australia and is excited to now bring them to local Adelaide actors.

Course Details.

Course:                  8 week program  


Hours:                     1830 - 2130 once a week

Next Courses:       DATES 

                                 2024 - Sold Out


Enquire:                 Click here to enquire

Max Capacity:      12  x Actors  
         Adults (18+)


Experience:           Intermediate




Price:                       $600


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Tutor:                      Casting Director
                                 Lou Heesom 


  The Screen-Skills 

 Method: Level 1.0 

     ** Breakthrough to your true artistic range **



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