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 Casting Services.   

When it comes to delivering "cracking casting", nobody does it quite like Angela Heesom. With over 40 years of experience in dealing with everything from major international productions through to local TVCS,

TV Series, Features and Shorts, you will find that there is no-one more qualified, experienced and passionate about finding you that perfect cast than our agency. 


  • Feature Film Casting - Principals & Supports 

  • TV Series

  • TVCs

  • Extras Casting

  • Street Casting

  • Print Advertising

  • Short Films

  • Documentaries / Reality TV

  • Presenters

  • Training Films

  • Rent A Crowd

Whilst we are an Adelaide based casting agency, Heesom Casting can offer Award and Contractual advice and are experienced in negotiating the deal with the country’s leading actors agents. We also work in collaboration with many interstate casting agencies and on location across Australia to ensure your project has its perfect cast.

Operating from offices at the newly built Adelaide Studios, our contemporary surrounds have everything you would expect from a top casting agency including:

1 x fully equipped film studio (2 x HD cameras, plasma screens, DVD burner, microphones, sound boards, day lights, tota lights, redheads, digital SLRs, upload, exporting &  live streaming capabilities)
2 x office studios (available to clients or production crew)

 For Our TVC & Print Clients.

In an effort to provide a more dedicated & comprehensive service to both the advertising & film sectors, Heesom Casting is proud to introduce Adelaide Casting Directors (ACD).

Established in 2010, ACD is the newest division of Heesom Casting and is focused on providing premium casting services exclusively for the advertising & television industry.

Responsive, creative & quick thinking, ACD understands the realities of making of TVC & the short turnarounds that go with this. Our forward thinking approach means that not only will we deliver cracking casting from heros to extras but our complimentary post casting services aims to relieve production of the smaller hassles, ensuring that all your talent arrive on set, on time & in wardrobe. 


 For Our Film & Television Clients.   

With a dedicated team focused on our advertisers, similarly Heesom Casting remains the state's leading casting agency, with a full Film & Television Team devoted to servicing the more long term focuses of a feature film or series.

From attaching the big names to creative casting of principals, supports and extras, our focus is ensuring that your story is delivered it's perfect ensemble.

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