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“For a professional actor, so much rests upon delivering the absolute perfect audition. Our primary focus is the Actor. Not only do we work together to achieve a technically brilliant test, but ultimately to capture an engaging, authentic and powerful performance. A performance that will go beyond the page and stand out against the rest.”

 - Angela Heesom -






Heesom Casting  now offers a superior actor's Screen Test Service. This initiative was originally set-up to answer the needs of the growing amount of interstate actors coming here that wanted to test for interstate and overseas productions during the time they are working on local movie sets. We now do a lot of this work and can get the test anywhere around the world within moments of recording the work.  

 Need a selftest?   



Cost:         $100 per $30 minutes.

                 Includes one-on-one workshop of the scene(s)

                 with Casting Director, studio and upload.  

Readers:  Actors invited to bring their own reader. 

Also note: Selftapes are subject to studio availability and 

                 Casting Directors’ own casting schedules.

Need to make an appointment or want more information?


For all enquiries, bookings and session prices, please contact or call the landline on
(08) 8394 2545


Angela Heesom x

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