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 Want to be an 

 extra on set?  


Want to be an extra in a TV commercial, series or film? Then join our EXTRA's REGISTER as we are always scouting for fresh, real & interesting faces of all descriptions.


Our Register is now used as our favourite tool when casting Extras & is also one of the first resources we use when casting featured roles in TV commercials and films. For this reason, any established actors who want to join The Extras & Actors Register are welcome to apply.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volume of applications we receive, regrettably, we can only get back to those who have been successful. Successful applicants will be contacted within approximately 14 working days. All remaining applicants are welcome to resubmit their details in 12 months time.

How to apply?


For full information & online application forms, you will need to go to our official website online (ie: not the mobile version). Regrettably, these aren't available for view and download on mobile devices. 


"A film is only as good as it's worst extra"

Angela Heesom; Casting Director



Due to the growing demand for professional film extras on set, in 2008 Heesom Casting launched the original Extras Register developed by Heesom Casting to streamline the extras casting process for producers & also broaden the opportunities of being cast for actors & talent. 


Our extras casting crew have been involved in the extras casting of many projects major and high profile over the years. This includes many of the local TV commercials shot in South Australia as well as productions such as:

  • Bad

  • Bad Blood

  • Deadline Gallipoli 

  • Wolf Creek 1 & 2

  • Wolf Creek - The TV Series

  • Broken Hill (over 1,000 extras cast alone!)

  • Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures (Network 10)

  • Rabbit Proof Fence

  • Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger

  • Beautiful Kate

  • Closed For Winter

  • Lucky Country

  • Peaches

  • Opal Dream

  • Ten Empty

  • Like Minds

  • Azadi

  • Look Both Ways

  • Rogue

  • Shine

  • You Better Watch Out

  • Caterpillar Wish

  • Kabbarli


  • Plus many many more films and many of the tv commercials we cast!

 Where will you 

 see our extras? 

 How to apply?  

EITHER:         Fill in the online form found here : 

                      JOIN OUR EXTRAS REGISTER


or                   Fill out our more detailed Application form:

                      See steps below:


STEP ONE:        Your Application Form 

                             Complete all sections of the below Application Form


                            Important Note: Regrettably, we can't process any                                       applications with incomplete details. This includes

                            details such as measurements, skills, contacts etc





STEP TWO:       Your Photo
                            To successfully enter the application process we

                            require 2 x photos as follows:

                            1 x head & shoulder photo 

                            1 x full length photo 


                            Important Note: All photos MUST be reduced.

                            No larger than 2MB TOTAL (not each).

                            Regrettably, we can't process any applications that 

                            don't include the above 2 x photos


                            Optional Photos: 

                            Actors:         Headshots welcomed

                            Models:       Up to 3 x portfolio shots welcomed

                            Families:      Should your partner, family and/or pets

                                                  like to be considered for extras work,

                                                  please send an additional 1 x family shot

                                                  and/or 1 x couple shot







STEP THREE:    Finally, ensure your photos are reduced & then                                             along with your fully completed Application Form,

                            attach and email:




CHECKLIST:      STEP ONE              Completed Application Form

                            STEP TWO             2 x photos (plus optional photos) 

                            STEP THREE          Total email does not exceed 2MB*


                            * Due to the volume of submissions we receive, 

                             our server will reject any application emails over

                             this size

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