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The Pre-Audition, Audition is all about helping actors prepare an important forthcoming Film or TVC Audition. Whether you are testing for a Heesom Casting audition or somewhere else, nail the audition before your actual audition day, with this Intensive 30 Minute Workshop.

Work collaboratively with Angela on your audition piece, your choices and screen persona to arrive at a Perfect Performance and give yourself the very best opportunity of actually landing the role.


Make the mistakes with us, and not in the actual audition room.


Date:                      By appointment 


Length:                  30 or 45 minute 

                                sessions available

Price :                     $75 - 30 mins
                                $95 - 45 mins

         Open to all ages


Experience:           All experience levels


Enquire:                  Click here

Refund Policy:      Click here

 The Pre-Audition,

     ** Put your best foot forward **    

For actors of all ages & ranges

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