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 Acting Classes! 
Why study with us?



 Why Study With Us 

As the state's leading Casting Directors here in South Australia, our industry is you. Our local actors. The better you are at your craft, the stronger our industry becomes.


So in an effort to provide Adelaide actors with the same opportunities available in the eastern states, we have designed a wonderfully ecclectic program to provide you with the tools and expertise you need to make the most of your talent, technique and your audition opportunities.


From introductory workshops and refresher courses or indepth, theory driven programs designed to challenge the veteran professional, we've gathered some of Australia's best acting coaches, directors and other industry professionals to teach exculsively with us, for you.

And as Executive Board Members of the Casting Guild Of Australia, we'll even fly our interstate Casting buddies here to Adelaide so you can get exculsive exposure to them as well as well known Australian  directors, coaches and actors working across the globe. Get ready Adelaide! The world is becoming smaller and your opportunities, broader. 


Have a perusal of the courses currently available for the 2018 schedule & let's start working!


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