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Louise Heesom 

 Role at Heesom Casting: 

Casting Director / General Ninja


 Would love to work with: 

Directors: Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, Sofia Coppola, John Waters, George Miller, David Michôd, Michael Rymer & Jeffrey Darling on anything. Then there's my dream list of about 100 Aussie Actors I'd kill to audition or cast. Leeanna Walsman and Matt Day were two of those and we've just cast them in our latest Feature, Touch. So that leaves about 98+ to go. 


 Personality in 3 words: 

Vibrant, infectiously positive. 


 Vice / Guilty pleasure: 

Festival glitter bombs.


 Favourite Place: 

Viva la Mexico!


 Nerdy Obsession: 

Pink Floyd converses, IMDB trivia and Hard Core History podcasts. 


 Who would you have play you, in 'The Story Of Your Life' : 

David Bowie, obviously.


 Casting Highlight (film/television): 

Working with local filmmakers Closer Production on The Hunting!! They are such poetic and magical humans and so fully like to examine all facets of the human condition. So auditioning their scripts is such a dream as they always give us so much to play with! And of course, casting Mortal Kombat for Warner Bros!!! And working with the infinitely talented Sir E. Bennett Walsh and Director Extraordinaire Simon McQuoid. 


 Casting Highlight (tvc): 

Our work for South Australian Tourism Commission - Barossa. Be Consumed. Casting a project that ends up winning the World's Best Commercial at the prestigious Cannes is pretty sensational & something our entire team can be very proud of. 


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