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Teresa Palmer
Audition Intensive


(Youth + Adults)
Ages 16+

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About This Course.

Hollywood Superstar, Teresa Palmer joins forces with leading Casting Director,  

Angela Heesom to present this rare and limited training experience!


This 2.5-Day Workshop will deliver a unique insight into the machinations of Hollywood, hearing and learning from Teresa about her incredible  journey from an Adelaide teen hoping for that one big break, to actually getting it and then being thrust into the core of  an international film career and the steps she took along the way. 


It all starts with the ‘Audition’, even for Teresa. The Audition is the gateway to getting that role, and being noticed by Casting Directors, Producers and Directors. And this amazing Workshop will teach you how to impress from the start and do your best audition ever.  


You’ll also learn from Teresa about the skills required to work in Lead roles on major film sets, often playing against super stars, the likes of Adam Sandler, Nicholas Cage, John Malkovich. She’ll take you through her own testing process and

how she prepares for each role, and how to control your nerves and have confidence in yourself for any part you want to play, big or small.  

In tandem with Teresa, you’ll get the low down from Angela on how Casting Directors work, how choices are made about who to audition, what she looks out for in the room or in a self-tape, and how Actors can totally stand-out in any Audition. And she won’t hold back either, telling you some of the regular pitfalls actors sometimes make, although often they are never even aware of.  She’ll share with you examples of the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to screentests and what the successful actors actually did to land the role!


These are all vital tools for any Actor to know.


We’ll be working in a safe, intimate & fun environment, demystifying the auditioning process, and giving all students personalised and honest feedback and adjustments when taping their own scenes.

The Format. 

DAY ONE - Friday 8th September

EVENING: An "In Conversation" session with Teresa Palmer & casting director Angela Heesom followed by a Q&A. This session will focus on the industry, Teresa’s  journey through it, how she went  on to breaking America  and becoming one of Australia's most sort after leading Actors, her extraordinary career highlights to date PLUS general insights and  advice for the working artist and the  emerging one. All participants are invited to bring a Question to ask that is specific to them, a key thing they would love to find out.

DAY TWO - Saturday 9th September

MORNING: Unlike the Friday night's Q+A, this morning session is a very personal and vulnerable discussion. Teresa will address you "Actor to Actor" and unpack her personal process. Sharing how she approaches an audition, role, scene or production. Together we'll deep dive into your scripts and examine your technique as Teresa gives you an intimate, all access pass into her approach and taking on the material. Drawing upon her illustrious 20 year plus career of working with the industry's biggest Hollywood names, Actors and Directors, she'll share her experiences and ways in which you can find fresh and less predictable ways to play your scene. 


AND DAY THREE - Sunday 10th Sept

Across the course of the next day and a half, each student works in a One-on-One studio session with Teresa & Angela, preparing and shooting their Scene. We’ll work with each actor singularly, on a rotating basis, to bring out your best work, ensuring it is artistically, emotionally and cinematically fabulous!

How To Apply.

To apply for this rare and intimate opportunity, please email ASAP at with the following information.

Email Header title:    

"Teresa Palmer COURSE (Insert name/age)"


Include in your email:         

  • Name, Age, Mobile & Email
    and Agent (if any)

  • Professional Headshot or Selfie

  • Your Bio and/or CV (if any)

  • Showreel and/or a selftape that demonstrates your work/range (if any)

  • In 2 or 3 sentences, let us know why this course interests you and/or what you hope to get out of it

  • Include a casual 30 sec smart phone video telling us a bit about you, unrehearsed, just so we get a little window on YOU! ( Note - if you're known to Teresa or Angela this can be optional)




6:30pm - 9:00pm

Friday September 8th (this date is mandatory in order to do the course)



9:30am - 5:30pm

Saturday 9th September

DAY 3 

9:30am - 5:30pm

Sunday 10th September

Please Note: Due to Teresa's international schedule, this course is happening very quickly. 

IMPORTANT: APPLICATIONS CLOSE on Saturday August 26th 5pm, with offers proceeding the following week. 

Teresa Palmer

Course Details:

Course:                 2.5 Day Intensive with
                               Teresa Palmer & Angela Heesom


Hours:                    Day 1:   6:30pm - 9:00pm (evening)

                               Day 2:   9:30am - 5:30pm (day)
                               Day 3:   9:30am - 5:30pm (day)

Dates:                   Day 1:    Friday 8th Sept 2023

                               Day 2:   Saturday 9th Sept 2023
                               Day 3:   Sunday 10th Sept 2023 

Ages:                     Youth & Adults (Ages 16+)

Experience:         Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced                                  Teresa will be the Scene Partner

                               for all actors when it comes to

                               taping their scenes

Price:                     $720

Refund Policy:    Click here

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