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About This Course.

About this Course:

This exciting course is for actors who are able to handle a speaking role on film and now want to move to the next step of learning a standard US accent to augment their opportunities. This learning is ideal for professional working actors too, of the highest level, if they do not yet possess these essential acting tools. Everybody will work to their own dramatic ability to become proficient in the delivery of a General American Accent. 


We’ll start off with learning the phonetics of the accent in general terms and then identify pathways in to any text you are working with.  Week by week we’ll introduce new pieces of text to apply your growing ability and you will be critiqued on your work. By the end of the course you should understand all the basics of how one delivers a General American accent as well as having learnt techniques and approaches to use with any piece of text or audition script you are ever likely to get your hands on! You’ll also learn exercises and skills in order to maintain the accent skill you’ve now acquired.


Our Course Director:



Tiffany is a delightful tutor that will make the work fun as well as highly educational.  She’s one of the state’s top professional actors and highly sought after for stage and screen,

She holds a long list of credits that include:



Wolf Creek

Pine Gap

Deadline Gallipoli

Anzac Girls

Danger 5

Sam Fox Extreme Adventures

Red Dog

Battle Star Galatica

The Twilight Zone 


And many more ...


Tiffany also trains Adelaide professional acting graduates, and is the go-to American Accent coach used by many producers coming to Adelaide with their films and has worked with leading stars of major productions. 


She’s an amazing screen actor in her own right, having enjoyed a long film career so far on both sides of the globe .... so you may pick up some impressive acting tips along the way as well !

NEXT AVAILABLE COURSE: Due to our heavy Casting schedules no further classes running in 2023'.  Keep a look out on the Heesom Facebook in 2004 when we will announce new training initiatives.

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Course Details:

Course:                American Accent (8 Weeks)


Hours:                    6:30pm - 9:30pm once a week

Next Courses:     2024: Subject to tutor avails

                               Thursday Nights

                               Currently waitlisting

                               (8 weeks)   

Enquire:                 Click here to enquire

Enrol:                      Call to enrol on 8394 2545  

Ages:                       Ages 18 + 


Price:                       $600


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