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About This Course.

A golden opportunity to work up close and personal with one of Australia's most loved Casting Directors, Angela Heesom.

A vetran and a master, the multi Award- Winning Casting Director is well known for her knowledge in the art of screen performance and her flare for uncovering previously undiscovered talent in breakthrough roles. As Teresa Palmer states: "...make sure you’re on her [Angela's] radar. She cast me in December Boys!"

With over 30 years experience, the former producer/agent now Casting Director, arts mentor, Fringe judge and Casting Guild Of Australia board member has established herself as a prominent figure of Australian Film, Television and Advertising. Having cast literally hundreds of commercials, over 40 feature films and working with many of the country's leading Actors and Directors, you'll find there is no-one in South Australia with more passion, knowledge and experience.

In this exclusive and popular workshop, Angela will show you how to hone your craft and break free from those unnecessary "actor tricks" one tends to fall back on under pressure. Actors will discover (or re-discover) how truly alive one can be when you let your creative impluses and artistry guide you as opposed to making stale, safe choices....

"Watching an actor work in this way, is what makes the Actor unpredictable and ultimately exciting to watch" states Angela. "...That's how you'll stand out in the audition room. And that's how you earn the role".

Plus as the State's leading casting force, Angela knows intimately what Directors, Producers and Studios/Networks are looking for - and she'll help you get there.
Plus, we'll also cover...

Course Aims:

  • Approaching script & what to do with it

  • What creates a credible & engaging character for screen

  • Introduction to mastering subtext and inventiveness

  • Your tool box: what to keep and what old tricks to throw out

  • Professional presentation in the audition room

  • Transferring nerves into energy

  • Demystifying the audition process

  • Gaining greater opportunities for landing auditions and roles

  • Constructive critical feedback direct from a Casting Director on your performance


* Join the waitlist: Should you wish to enrol in this course but find it SOLD OUT, please join our waitlist (click here). In the event an spot becomes available, we'll notify you immediately. 

NEXT AVAILABLE COURSE: Due to our heavy Casting schedules no further classes running in 2023'.  Keep a look out on the Heesom Facebook in 2004 when we will announce new training initiatives.

Course Details.

Date:                      2024: Applications Open


Hours:                    1 day 

Sessions:              0930 - 1630

Max Capacity:      14  x Actors 


Experience:           Intermediate


Price:                       $320


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 Audition Masterclass.
     ** Learn what Casting Directors are looking for and how to get there **    



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