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About This Course.

Thinking of auditioning for drama school this year? Have your sites on set on NIDA, WAPPA, FLINDERS, AC ARTS, VCA, or RADA? 


Applying for drama school is a notoriously 

exhaustive process that demands the upmost rigour, discipline and determination to succeed.


Institutions such as NIDA aren't looking for the mediocre or the generally talented. They are seeking the exceptional. They are hunting for that special, raw talent and scouting for those unique individuals who possess the tenacity, passion and work ethic required to succeed. 


Naturally with hundreds of applicants all vying for these prized positions, competition is rife. Yet your easiest and most rewarding road to a successful audition experience is also the number one thing the majority of actors fail to adequately do...prepare!


Too often actors cram in the final months, madly attempting to learn a collection of highly sophisticated monologues in the hope it will demonstrate their range. However, a good selection of audition pieces is simply not enough.


Anyone can memorise and recite lines. In fact for the actor, that's a basic expectation. However, it is what the actor brings beyond the page, the world they deliver behind the words, that will ultimately move an audience and likewise the drama school selectors. 


The good news is, it can be achieved. The hard truth of it is that it takes a great deal of time and work. So Actors, if you are thinking of auditioning for the 2018 intake, it's time to start selecting, expanding and reworking your monologue selections now and not in the final few months.

And we're here to help you.


Heesom Casting is thrilled to announce that Tony Knight (Head of NIDA 1992 - 2011) will be joining us to lead our DRAMA SCHOOL BOOTCAMP for 2017!! Together we will select, prepare and rehearse your ultimate drama school audition package plus share our industry knowledge so you're fully armoured for a successful and enjoyable audition experience. 


As NIDA's Head of Acting, Tony taught some of our most celebrated Actors, working closely with icons such as Mel Gibson, Cate Blanchet and Nicole Kidman. Moreover, Tony knows intimately well what institutions such as NIDA are on the prowl for. Afterall, he's done it for over 20 years!


Adelaide, this is a fortunate and rare opportunity to work with acting royalty to create a complete and personalised audition package that showcases your talent as an impressive and promising actor.


Our aim is to increase your artistry, excite those selectors and enable you to present fully formed, spontaniously alive and stirringly rich repertoire that is also ready to go, on demand.


Actors, don't fall into the majoity and be under prepared. Seize opportunity and set yourself up for success. If you are considering applying for the 2018 intake of drama school applicants, the work begins here and now. Join us and together let's work on making your goals achievable. 


* Join the waitlist: Should you wish to enrol in this course but find it SOLD OUT, please join our waitlist (click here). In the event an spot becomes available, we'll notify you immediately. 

Course Details.

Dates:                     Saturday October 13 2018

                                 Sunday October 14 2018

                                 Saturday October 20 2018

                                 Sunday October 21 2018


Enrollments:         Enroll Now!


Hours:                    6.5 hrs each per day 

Times:                    10am - 4:30pm

Max Capacity:      14  x Actors 
         17 + to Adults


Experience:           Beginners



Price:                       $550       


Enquire /                 Click here
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Refund Policy:        Click here

 Drama School Bootcamp. 
     ** It's time to start prepping for the biggest audition of your lives **
For both emerging and professional actors   


(10+ to Adults)

NOTE - This course is not just for drama students. This is an important course for both emerging and professional actors alike wanting to finesse an audition repertoire or delve deeper/reconnect with their craft. An actor must always continue to develop and this is a perfect opportunity to both expand your humanity and increase your artistry. 

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