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About This Course.

Fresh from the set of “Rosehaven” in Tasmania, Genevieve is all fired up and passionate about her upcoming series of classes for the screen for Angela Heesom, called ‘Staying in the Moment is not for wimps’. These classes are for those who have had some training experience and or experience on the screen.


An eight- week program that will allow us to explore together- what’s needed to be ready to approach a television series or feature film?


‘I was reminded how fast the pace is for making television, no rehearsal as such, apart from a quick chat with Shaun Wilson, the director, the day before to look at back story for ‘Pam’ who is Celia Picoulas, Mum in the story. This helped the director and I make sure we were aligned in regards to style and Milieu for ‘Rosehaven’.


The big Take-away from this experience was the pace, my fellow actors all come from the stand- up comedy tradition and speak incredibly fast, which makes it funny so I had to be very line ready. Working with multiple cameras made for hitting marks crucial and also meant multiple takes equates relaxed focus. Preparation is the key, my homework had to be solid yet flexible in choices, sounds like a paradox.


Some of the principals we are going to wrestle with if you are up for it.

Practicing many scenes, 1 -2 hander per week, to determine Verbs, Facts, Images, Events, Physical Tasks and Adjustments. Ultimately to look at ‘Moment to Moment’ work and allow ourselves to take some risks. 


Genevieve Mooy

A respected and versatile NIDA trained actor, Genevieve has played for such institutions as the Sydney Theatre Company, Melbourne Theatre Company, Belvoir Street, Baz Luhrmanns 6 Year Old Company as well as starred in such prolific films Australian films as ‘The Dish’, 'Travelling North’, ‘Thank God He Met Lizzie', ‘Man of Letters’. Some of her many TV credits include 'Rosehaven', ‘Rake’, ‘Frontline’ and ‘Water Rats’. 



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Course Details.

Course:                  8 week program  


Hours:                     1830 - 2130 once a week

Next Course:      2019 - Dates to be determined 

                               Applications Open 

Apply:                    Click here to apply

                          Applications must be

                                accompanied with a CV

Max Capacity:      12  x Actors  


Experience:          ADVANCED


Price:                       $550


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 Moment to Moment

 is not for WIMPS!
     ** what’s needed to be ready to approach a  

television series or feature film? **    



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