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About This Course.

Ensure that you are informed and prepared for film and television screen tests, drama school auditions, self-tests and delivering a scene on a professional film set. The world of acting can be a mysterious discipline filled with many techniques, skills and methods that when combined uniquely, in the right way, can deliver magic. However, like most things in life, hard work and discipline is what makes an actor good at what they do.


This course is designed to prepare actors for the challenges they will face in the film industry, both on and off a film set.


Course components:

  • Understand the subtle nature of realism and naturalism for camera.

  • Explore the fundamentals and modern techniques of acting.

  • Develop a unique acting technique, suited to your type.

  • Learn to prepare and deliver scenes both for auditions and film sets.

  • Learn about film as an art form through scene analysis.

  • Receive guidance and feedback from an industry professional to ensure you are making creative choices suitable to a scene.


2024 Syllabus:



Students can choose to join this ongoing course at the start of any new term, given it is a revolving syllabus. The commitment of the student is Term by Term, so they can choose to not complete the full 4-Term cycle should they choose.


Term 1 -Acting Techniques and Execution

Understanding the vital foundations to screen acting, realism and the method is essential to every actor. The focus here is developing both the self awareness and emotional intelligence to tackle the complexities of human behaviour and deliver them in front of the camera.

Term 2 - Screen Testing and Self Testing

Auditioning is a crucial part of the film industry and developing both the confidence and skills to efficiently deliver high quality scene work is essential for every actor. Throughout this term, each actor will be asked to prepare a new scene each week while delivering their work under audition circumstances.

Term 3 - Working on Set and Preparing Scenes

Working on set can be very different to delivering a scene in the audition room. Understanding how to prepare a scene, what to expect on set and how to work with other actors and crew cannot be underestimated to an actor’s career. This term we will create various mock productions where students will not only take part as actors, but as directors, cinematographers and assistant directors.


Term 4 - Acting Techniques and Performance

Recreating and deconstructing well known scenes will allow students to understand the mechanics and logistics of great acting. In many cases students will succeed, but more importantly fail at recreating the magic that defined such a well known scene and thus understand missing ingredients that they must develop and master to reach their goals.Course outcome:Our goal is to create confident, mature and creative actors who are autonomous and professional in their work, whatever their ambitions may be.



These classes are taught by Don Kountouris who is a NIDA acting graduate, Adelaide College of the Arts Screen Acting Tutor, Former Acting Agent and Director at Mitchell Actors, and former actor with credits in both AUS and US film and television such as: Terra Nova (FOX), The Informant (CH10), Home and Away (CH7), Crownies (ABC), Packed to the Rafters (CH7) and All Saints (CH7)


Important Information:

This courses are for anyone over the age of 18 years. An intensive course exploring numerous fundamentals and advanced techniques in screen acting. Both beginners and intermediate level actors are welcome.

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Course Details:

Course:                 8 week program, per term


Hours:                    Mondays nights

                               7:00pm - 9:30pm

2024 Dates:          Term 1 - SOLD OUT

                                Term 2 - 29 April - 17 June

                                Term 3 - 22 July - 9 Sept

                                Term 4 - 14 Oct - 2 Dec

Availability:          Term 1 - SOLD OUT

                                Term 2 - Applications Open

                                Term 3 - Applications Open

                                Term 4 - Applications Open

Ages:                       Adults (18+)


Experience:           Introductory


Price:                       $495

Enrol/Enquire:       Click here

Refund Policy:        Click here

Join the waitlist:

Should you wish to enroll in this course but find it SOLD OUT, please join our waitlist (click here).


In the event an spot becomes available, we'll notify you immediately. 

 Acting Techniques for Screen
     ** From the fundamentals to the advanced **    



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