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About This Course.

Whether you want to be the anchor guy on Totally Wild, the host of your own music show or travel the world as a Sports Presenter, this is the course for you. 


In these fun and popular classes, as well as writting and shooting their own TV segment, our young stars will learn how to:



  • Create a delivery style to suit your own unique personality

  • Fully engage the lense and personalise your work

  • Write your own TV script

  • Deliver your script to the camera

  • Learn the art of walking and talking at the same time

  • Use your voice

  • Choose the right clothes and personal grooming

  • Interviewing techniques

  • Introduction to autocue skills

  • Where to go from here

  • How to best market your abilities


* Join the waitlist: Should you wish to enrol in this course but find it SOLD OUT, please join our waitlist (click here). In the event an spot becomes available, we'll notify you immediately. 

Course Details.

Date:                     TBA

                               Not running until 2022


Hours:                   3 x day workshop
                              9:30am - 4:00pm

Ages:                     10 - 17 


Max Capacity:      14  x Actors 

Experience:           Beginners



Price:                       $325 


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School Holidays
 TV Presenting.
     ** A jam packed two day adventure **    


(10 to 17)

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