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HAPPY NEW YEAR From Angela Heesom. Bring on 2016!

Hi Everyone,

And Welcome to a New and Wonderful 2016.

Thanks for all our support in 2015. We are hoping for another busy year ahead and already scripts are arriving on my desk that will hopefully give rise to another series of good casting projects this year!

For anyone seriously wanting to know how to screen-test well though, and better their chances and current performance in this area, please do consider the AHC Screentest Workshop.

So often after screen-tests, Casting Directors wish the Actor could have done more in the 10 minutes they spent together if 'they had only known'. In such a short audition time there is only so much help we can give you in order that your test will capture the interest of the director watching it.

Our workshops are designed to get to know you as a performer and to teach you vital screen acting skills. So when you walk through the audition door you are on top of the ladder already performance-wise, instead of on the first or second rung. If you feel you already have these skills but maybe haven't done a workshop with a Casting Director before (with me or any other Casting Director), think again! Good acting skills don't necessarily translate into good screen testing skills. Two very different skill sets. We screen-test all day, all week and all year. So we know!

We are going to be delivering 4 AHC Workshops this year and they are not to be missed. Come and be illuminated!

First Workshop: Saturday January 23 2016

Follow this link to find out more.


For Children wishing to broaden their acting skills and work with Professional Actors and Casting Directors, we have a number of opportunities on offer in 2016.

The first available courses are our School Holiday Workshops this January.

Kids TV Presenting (8-14 years)

3-Day Workshop Jan 11- 13 2016 - limited places available

Kids Screen Acting (8-12 years)

2-Day Workshop Jan 14-15 2016 - sold out

2-Day Workshop Jan 27-28 2016 - places available

Teen Screen Acting (13-16 years)

2-Day Workshop Jan 21-22 2016 - places available

Or for those looking to partake in ongoing & intensive training programs consider our Term program - the Foundation Course for Kids & Teens. Term 1 is now open for new enrolments!

Looking forward to working with you in 2016!

- Angela Heesom x

Follow the links below to find out more:


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