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MAJOR CASTING CALL for TV Commercial - People of Adelaide

Ever wondered what it would be like on a film set? Well here's your chance! We are casting a series of tv commercials and instead of doing traditional auditions with actors and models, our clients for this campaign want to cast the people of Adelaide. No experience necessary.

We want to capture the actual people of Adelaide! So if you've never done this type of thing before, you are exactly who we want.

Those chosen will be treated to a mini holiday escape where you'll be wined, dined and spoilt rotten whist a film crew record you and your friends enjoying the experience. All expenses paid PLUS you get paid for doing the job too! Welcome to the VIP life of an Actor. Who are we looking for & how to apply? CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS!

Examples of our work casting everyday Adelaidians - This could be you... Watch some of our other tv commercials we cast using real people scouted on the street and with no previous acting or modelling experience... including the our Barossa SA Tourism Campaign that won the Best TV Commercial of the Wolrd Award in Cannes! All of them had the time of their lives and got paid for the pleasure. Throw your hat in the ring or dob someone in that you know. At the very least, it will be a bit of fun!

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